About Morning Glory Yoga

I’m Lori Heath, owner of Morning Glory Yoga, LLC. I’ve been practicing yoga since 1999. Although I was initially attracted to yoga for the physical challenge, I soon came to appreciate the more mindful benefits of my yoga practice. Making a positive difference in people’s lives is important to me, so as my personal practice grew, I wanted to bring yoga to other people. I earned my 200-hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Certificate at All People Yoga Center in 2002 and studied Iyengar Yoga for several years with Jyoti Hansa. I began teaching yoga in 2002 and appreciate any opportunity to share the joy of yoga with others.

In addition to yoga, I also enjoy hiking and trail running.  I ran my first half-marathon in 2014 and have logged many more miles since then.  First on the flat terrain of Indiana and then, after relocating to the Seattle area in 2015, on steep and rocky trails of the Cascades foothills.  My yoga practice helped my outdoor athletic activities. Yoga was a key component of the training program that helped a very petite person like me build enough strength to climb Mount Rainier. Recovery yoga poses helped relieve my aching muscles after a hard day on the trails.

I started Morning Glory Yoga so I can share the synergies of some of the things I loves most: yoga, hiking and trail running!  As an active runner and hiker, I’ve met many outdoor athletes who love to physically challenge themselves and push their bodies to their edge.  Yoga can provide many benefits to these athletes, but many yoga classes feature a fast flow or advanced postures that reinforce an athlete’s inclination toward a physically challenging workout. I studied teaching yoga to athletes with Sage Rountree so I could develop the skills to teach yoga classes that help people develop the mindfulness, strength, and balance they need to enhance recovery, minimize injury, and improve performance, regardless of their fitness level or yoga experience. I aspire to integrate these elements into my classes through focused alignment, conscious breathing, and mindfulness. I hope students come to my classes ready to learn and laugh and leave feeling resilient, yet relaxed, so they can find more peace, joy, and contentment, both on and off the trails.