Yoga classes to aid physical recovery and rejuvenation or to help you develop strength, balance, and awareness


Yoga for a Balanced body and a balanced life

Most people think of balance as the ability to stand on one foot, that is balance their body in space.  While this type of balance is important for keeping us upright and preventing acute injuries, balance within the body and the ability to balance effort with ease are equally important.  Physical activity, and life in general, creates imbalances.  As we train for athletic competition, or just go about our daily life, we may work some muscle groups too hard, while we neglect others. These imbalances can lead to overuse injuries.  We may work hard to achieve our goals without taking time for rest or recovery.  This kind of imbalance can lead to stress or burnout.  This class is all about finding balance: balance of the body in space; balance within the body, front to back, top to bottom, side to side; and balance between work and rest.  While this class is designed to enhance athletic balance, it is not an athletic yoga class.  Instead, it will complement athletic training.  You’ve probably already worked hard enough today; this class will help you slow down.  Everyone is welcome, regardless of fitness level or yoga experience.

Yoga for Mindfulness

Many people turn to yoga to reduce anxiety, alleviate stress, or cultivate self-acceptance.  But some yoga classes can leave students feeling even more stressed due to the fast pace, limited instruction, or advanced postures.  Yoga for Mindfulness emphasizes the connection between the body, mind, and breath.  The class begins with a few minutes of centering, during which students focus on their breath, then moves on to a series of gentle postures with the focus on how the body feels in each posture and ends with several minutes of relaxation in a resting posture.  Students will leave class with more awareness of how their bodies respond to their breath and movements in each moment.

Yoga for Recovery and rejuvenation

There’s nothing better after an active weekend than some active recovery time.  If your weekend activities are leaving you sore and tired on Monday mornings, then give yourself the gift of recovery with this yoga class that will help you stretch your hips, shoulders, glutes, lower back, and hamstrings.  Recover better and faster with yoga so that you’re even stronger for your next adventure!

Yoga for Strength and resilience

It takes a lot of strength to lead an active life style.  Many of us need a little extra help to build and maintain that strength.  This class features long holds in poses that target major muscles groups, including the core, to help you develop the strength you need to meet your next challenge.